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Why choose Burch Law Office for your DWI defense? Greenville, North Carolina DWI attorney Timothy E. Burch not only has the experience to be effective, but he has the dedication to his clients to persist and help them achieve favorable outcomes in their DWI cases – regardless of the circumstances.

We recommend that you ask around about Burch Law Office and DWI attorney Tim Burch. We know that you will hear good things about our firm and our practices. We believe in helping people with their legal matters, whatever they may be. When a person approaches our firm with a DWI (driving while impaired) charge, we do whatever we can to help him or her from the onset. We offer high-quality and affordable legal services from an attorney who is honest and hard-working.

At Burch Law Office, we handle our DWI cases in a timely manner and ensure we keep our clients updated as to the current progress and what to expect in the future. We want to make sure that you, our client, are comfortable in working with our firm. We, in turn, want to feel comfortable working for you.

Greenville DWI attorney Timothy E. Burch understands that an attorney-client relationship works best when based upon trust. We do our best to ensure that trust is never violated and that we do whatever we can to achieve a successful outcome for your specific DWI case.

We invite you to contact our Greenville, North Carolina DWI law firm. It costs nothing to call us or contact us for a free case evaluation. At that time, you can get an idea of whether we will work well together. We are confident that you will make the same decision as so many others have before you and have attorney Burch assist you in defending your DWI charges.

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Timothy E. Burch is an experienced trial attorney who has litigated in excess of 150 jury trials in civil cases.

Mark D. Stewart has prosecuted thousands of cases for the state of North Carolina; he utilizes this experience to serve clients today.

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