Why a Greenville DWI Attorney?

Hiring Legal Counsel for DWI Charges

Deciding whether to hire an attorney is an important issue that will need to be addressed if you or someone you know has been arrested for DWI. This is a personal choice, particularly your decision of which firm or attorney to work with. It is also an important choice. Your attorney may directly impact the outcome of your case with his or her legal prowess - or lack thereof. As such, it is important to consider the education, background and experience of your Greenville DWI attorney. You may also wish to consider how you personally feel about the firm when you make your decision.

For a defendant who is facing Greenville DWI charges, he or she will face two separate proceedings. This includes the criminal court case as well as a DMV hearing held regarding the suspension of his or her driver's license. An experienced lawyer can make a difference in both aspects of a case, working to protect a defendant's license as well as working to help him or her avoid a criminal conviction that may result in imprisonment.

Although a case may seem fairly "open and shut" to you because you failed a breath test or were told that you performed poorly on field sobriety tests, this is not necessarily the case. A lawyer experienced in handling DWI cases can conduct an investigation into your arrest, initial police stop and testing, looking at it from every angle to determine how to build an effective defense on your behalf. A single mistake by law enforcement or violation of your rights may alter the entire course of your case, enabling you to successfully avoid a conviction.

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