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Vehicle Seizure & Forfeiture

Depending upon the circumstances of your DWI, your vehicle may be subject to seizure or forfeiture by law enforcement. If your vehicle is subject to forfeiture, you will lose ownership of your car and any insurance proceeds or proceeds of sale. If your vehicle is seized, it will be impounded and you will have to pay costs for towing and storage of the vehicle.

Greenville DWI attorney Timothy E. Burch has been defending drivers throughout Greenville, Kinston, Williamston, Washington and Snow Hill, North Carolina for many years. His experience in the area of DWI law throughout the state and his dedication to his clients has helped him achieve numerous positive results for his clients. Attorney Burch and his staff also have the knowledge and resources needed to appeal or prevent the forfeiture or seizure of your vehicle.

DWI Seizure vs. Forfeiture in North Carolina

An order of forfeiture may be decided at the sentencing hearing for the DWI charges, at a separate hearing after a DWI conviction or at a forfeiture hearing held at least 60 days after a defendant’s failure to appear at court for his or her scheduled DWI trial. This order is issued by the court and terminates the rights and ownership of a vehicle owner. Any money from the sale of the vehicle or insurance proceeds is paid to the County Board of Education.

The seizure of a vehicle will occur if a person charged with DWI was driving with a revoked license due to a prior DWI, or was driving without a license and without automobile liability insurance. Law enforcement will seize the vehicle and impound it, at the owner’s expense.

Whether your car has been impounded or has been subject to forfeiture, it is important to contact a lawyer immediately. An experienced lawyer will be able to help you take the steps necessary to get your car back.

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