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Multiple DWI Offenses in North Carolina

A second, third or subsequent DWI conviction in North Carolina will result in enhanced penalties. These penalties mainly affect a person’s driving privileges, with a fourth DWI conviction resulting in a mandatory and permanent license revocation as well as a felony offense on your criminal record. By increasing penalties depending upon the number of DWI convictions a driver has on his or her record, North Carolina legislators hope to reform drivers who have been previously convicted of DWI.

If you have a DWI conviction on your record and are facing new DWI charges, you need to act quickly and work with a defense lawyer who can protect your interests. A skilled lawyer may be able to challenge the validity of previous convictions or work to disprove your current DWI charges. Either way, you may have the chance to keep your license and stay out of jail.

Greenville DWI attorney Timothy E. Burch is experienced in defending clients accused of multiple DWIs. He and his staff are dedicated to helping drivers throughout Greenville, Kinston, Williamston, Snow Hill and Washington, North Carolina.

Penalties for Multiple DWI Offenses in North Carolina

North Carolina has specific penalties depending upon the number of DWI convictions a person has received. Specific penalties are listed below:

  • 2nd DWI (within 3 years): 4 year license revocation, maximum penalty of a $4000 fine and 24 months in prison.
  • 3rd DWI (within 5 years): minimum 1 year license revocation, same maximum penalty.
  • 4th DWI (within 7 years): mandatory permanent license revocation, felony offense with a maximum penalty of 3 years in state prison.

Additional penalties include an alcohol concentration restriction, meaning a driver who has a DWI conviction on his or her record cannot drive with a blood alcohol level of .04% or higher, and a person with 2 previous DWIs cannot drive with any amount of alcohol in his or her system. An ignition interlock device may be installed in the offender’s car, as well.

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