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Field Sobriety Tests in North Carolina

Field sobriety tests are used by law enforcement officers as a means of telling whether a person’s abilities are impaired by alcohol or drugs. This is a useful tool in determining whether to arrest a person for DWI (driving while impaired), but field sobriety tests are not always accurate and are subject to interpretation and misunderstandings due to poor instructions or even issues such as poor weather conditions or uneven pavement and poor lighting.

If you have submitted to field sobriety tests which were used to bring DWI charges against you, you will need a skilled attorney who can defend your case. Greenville DWI attorney Timothy E. Burch has been practicing law in North Carolina for many years. He has the experience and dedication needed to find success in many of the DWI cases he takes on. Attorney Burch and his staff help people arrested for DWI throughout Kinston, Williamston, Washington, Snow Hill and Greenville, North Carolina. His attention to detail and understanding of North Carolina DWI laws will prove invaluable in your case.

In North Carolina, there are many field sobriety tests which can be used by law enforcement officers after they pull over a driver for suspected DWI. These tests are used to determine if the officer has probable cause to make an arrest for impaired driving. The outcome of these tests can also be used as evidence of impairment to try to obtain a DWI conviction in court, although they are less important for a “per se” DWI, one which is charged based upon blood alcohol evidence (that the driver’s blood alcohol concentration was .08% or above).

The three most common field sobriety tests used in North Carolina are:

  • Horizontal gaze nystagmus (following an object or a light with your eyes)
  • One leg stand (also called “one legged stand”, standing with one leg raised about 6 inches off the ground)
  • Walk and turn, or “heel to toe” (walking in a straight line, turning and walking the other way, heel to toe)

Whether you refused field sobriety tests or were arrested because you complied with the tests and were found to be impaired, a DWI defense lawyer is your best option if you would like to avoid a DWI conviction on your record. With the proper defense by a capable lawyer, you can also avoid jail time and license suspension.

Did you submit to field sobriety tests? Contact Greenville DWI attorney Timothy E. Burch today!

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