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A DMV hearing is a part of a DWI citation and conviction. If you lose your license because of a DWI conviction, a refusal of breath or blood tests, or a multiple DWI, you may be able to request a hearing with the North Carolina DMV (Division of Motor Vehicles) to have your license reinstated or to apply for limited driving privileges. You may request a DWI refusal hearing or a DWI restoration hearing. The refusal hearing is used to help you get your license back after your refusal of blood alcohol screening; the restoration hearing is used to help you restore your license after a 2nd or 3rd DWI conviction.

An attorney’s services are invaluable if you have been arrested for DWI and need to reinstate your license. An experienced attorney will know what information is needed to present to the DMV officer and help you get a favorable outcome for your hearing. Many people go to their DMV hearings unprepared and may not get their licenses back. By having an attorney represent you at your DMV hearing, you will have all of your paperwork in order, as well as witness testimonies lined up to help prove that you are sober and responsible enough to have your license reinstated.

Representing Clients at DMV Hearings in Greenville, NC

Timothy E. Burch is a Greenville, North Carolina DWI lawyer who has represented numerous clients at their DMV hearings. Not having a driver’s license is a real hardship for many people. How will you get to work? How will you get to school? Or go to the grocery store? By having attorney Burch request a DMV hearing and represent you, you have the chance of getting your license reinstated or of receiving a limited license, to be used only during certain hours of the day and for certain purposes.

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