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Commercial vehicle DWIs are serious offenses. In fact, if a commercial driver is convicted of DWI while operating any type of motor vehicle in North Carolina, he or she will be restricted from driving commercial vehicles for a period of one year. The legal limit for a commercial vehicle driver is .04% instead of the usual .08% that is implemented for other drivers. If you are driving a commercial vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of .04% or above or if your abilities are impaired, you can be convicted of DWI (driving while impaired). Commercial drivers include school bus drivers, truck drivers and any person who operates a commercial vehicle.

Have you been arrested for DWI? Greenville commercial DWI attorney Timothy E. Burch is experienced in dealing with charges involving a commercial vehicle driver. In addition to knowing the specific laws pertaining to commercial drivers, he is familiar with which defenses are likely to work and what methods can be used to have your commercial driver’s license (CDL) reinstated. When you work with attorney Timothy Burch and his staff, you will get the one-on-one attention and dedication that you deserve.

Commercial Driver’s License Restrictions and DWI

Not only do commercial vehicle drivers have an allowed BAC of half the normal legal limit for other drivers, but they also face harsh penalties. If you are a commercial driver, losing your license could greatly impact you. Without your commercial driver’s license, you won’t be able to drive for your job – meaning you could be out of work until you get your license back or even lose your job altogether.

  • If convicted of a 1st DWI, you will be unable to drive a commercial vehicle for 1 year.
  • If you were transporting hazardous materials while impaired, your license will be revoked for 3 years.
  • If convicted of a 2nd DWI, you will lose your commercial license for life, with the possibility of reinstatement only after 10 years.
  • If convicted of a 3rd DWI, you will lose your commercial license for life, without the possibility of reinstatement after 10 years.

Don’t take a chance with your future. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your commercial vehicle DWI, consult a skilled lawyer who can help you keep your license. Commercial DWI lawyer Tim Burch is more than qualified to help you with your case.

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