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Blood Tests, Breath Tests and DWI in NC

A driver’s blood alcohol concentration (stated as a percentage of alcohol in a driver’s blood, also referred to as blood alcohol content or blood alcohol level) is often an important factor in a North Carolina DWI conviction. Blood tests and breath tests are conducted to determine a person’s blood alcohol concentration if he or she is suspected of driving while impaired. If the driver’s blood alcohol level is found to be .08% or above (or .04% or above for a commercial driver), he or she can be convicted of DWI – regardless of whether his or her driving abilities were actually impaired at all. This is referred to as a “per se” DWI.

If you submitted to blood or breath testing and were found to have a blood alcohol level of .08% or above, or if you refused blood alcohol testing, you will need an aggressive and capable DWI defense lawyer at your side. You will need a lawyer who can work to disprove the results of your blood alcohol tests and who can be effective even if you refused testing (which can count against you, as evidence of guilt in court).

Defending DWI Charges in Greenville, North Carolina

Greenville DWI attorney Timothy E. Burch is a competent trial attorney who knows what it takes to successfully defend all types of DWI cases. In North Carolina, a valid defense of a blood or breath test which showed a .08% result or higher can be that the device used to conduct the alcohol screening test was not approved by the Department of Health & Human Services or was not administered properly as per the Department’s regulations. Attorney Burch knows how to use this defense and others in your favor, to help you avoid a DWI conviction.

The breath test machine currently used in North Carolina is the Intox EC/IR II, made by Intoximeters, Inc.

Did you submit to blood or breath testing after your DWI arrest? Contact Greenville DWI defense lawyer Tim Burch today!

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